1. 10 July, 2009
    yes, yes, yes

    twitter going royal. awesome. why more people don’t have one i don’t know.

  2. 14:18
    another Vitalic post

    yes, it’s another post about the boy Vitalic but through searching for his new video on youtube i came across some live videos from a recent show he’s done and i was wonderfully dumfounded to discover not only is he still kicking ass but he’s got some sort of light show thingy going on too. it’s great to see the people at citizen have thrown some money behind him and now has the opportunity to put on a bit of a show for the audience. everytime i’ve seen him he’s been absolutely incredible and smashed the shit out of the venue, but as for visuals, well, it’s just a bald bloke on a stage hidden behind a laptop and a mixer, so this is of great news! THE best dance music product to emerge from france since mr. bangalter IMHO. and that does include those hirsute parisians….

  3. 11:09
    JJ - ecstasy

    if the late, great J dilla was still on the scene, rocking a jesus and the mary chain tee and listening to loads of purple dubstep then this it the sort of tune he probably would be making.

    a banger of a different sort here, slow and airy, it comprises heavy yet ethereal beats with a falsetto vocal and some tripped-out lyrics. think moderat off their tits at ATP: curated by my bloody valentine.

    i couldn’t seem to find a direct .mp3 so i just linked the pitchfork URL that you can stream from there on lala. this tune needs to get in the crate!

  4. 9 July, 2009
    the world's greatest restaurant

    no wonder islamic extremists want to kill all westerners.

    still doesn’t stop me from wanting to go mind.

    8,000 calories per burger!!!

  5. 16:02

    when not in manchester, im almost certainly either in london or glanwydden. manchester is too damn flat and densely-lit to have good night sky so it’s omitted from competition so which one wins? lovely skyscrapers and tourist attractions, radiating brightly or the moon glowing down on the cro-magnons of bwmfwmsvillllll, wales? i can’t decide.

  6. 14:05
    vitalic is back

     i cannot stop listening to this song. song of the year as far as i’m concerned. vitalic FINALLY has returned and the world can rejoice. slight change of pace from his usual BOOM BOOM TISKA TISKA style synonymous with tunes like ‘la rock 01’ and ‘newman’, this is a groovier, sleeker affair. and with an incredble video. thank god you have a new record out mr! now PLEASE play warehouse project, the last time you played it was dynamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite.

  7. 13:45
    don't like immigrants? this one's for you!

    remind me again why these people get votes?

  8. 13:35
    if you're into logo design, this one's for you

    bill gardner, brand developer and all-round design whizz writes a great article for creative review about how design of logos and types are going to continue during the current eco situation, and all that rubbish.

  9. 13:08
    trent's guide to being totally emo-cool

    trent reznor of nine inch nails offers advice to young up-and-comers on what he believes is the way to go if you want to make your band the next big thing. eloquent and informative advice ahoy. well said trenty boy, i find myself agreeing with you more and more every day.

  10. 8 July, 2009
    transformers 2 viral

     a friend of mine sent me this link of a viral ad (oh, how i adore a great piece of viral marketing) for the transformers 2 movie out now. it’s really cool. click the above link to check it out.

  11. 11:13
    joakim - back to wilderness

    the french sonic/electro/noise/pop oddball is back. finally. this song is a BEHEMOTH. click the above link to stream/download it.

  12. 11:10
    finally knocking bill gates off his perch

    bout time this happened.

    but with a desktop OS that rivals windows and a PDA software stack that apes the iphone in android, the question must be asked: can anything stop google? i’m pretty sure there’s a great article on this in this months wired magazine, if anyone’s remotely interested.

  13. 7 July, 2009

    richie hawtin

    the boss (not that one) owning sonar:


  14. 13:10

    babes of the BNP

    incredble read. http://www.viceland.com/wp/2009/07/babes-of-the-bnp/

  15. 12:39

    is there a finer pop-punk song out there?